The Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins


WordPress beginners often get confused when choosing plugins. The content management system has more than 26,000 plugins and it can be hard to know which ones are the best. There are plugins for social media, SEO, performance, and much more. If you’re looking to take your WordPress site to the next level, be sure to use these top 10 WordPress plugins.

1) SEO by Yoast:

This is undeniably the best free WordPress SEO plugin. It handles many aspects of your blog’s SEO and incorporates features from popular plugins like RSS footer and Robots Meta. Some of its features include:

  • Page analysis
  • RSS optimization
  • Premium support
  • Social media integration
  • Advanced XML sitemaps

2) Contact Form 7:

This plugin is loved by WordPress users and has been downloaded more than 17 million times. It is popular for two reasons: it’s very flexible and can help you to run multiple sites. It also supports Akismet spam filtering, CAPTCHA, and Ajax-powered submitting. It is the best contact form because of its easy installation, unique design, and consistent updates.

3) Jetpack:

Frequently updated and easy to install, Jetpack is a favorite of many. It transfers many of the features found on to self-hosted sites. In addition, its numerous features eradicate the need for multiple plugins on WordPress sites. Some of its most important features include:

  • A site management feature that enables users to create posts for different sites from a central point
  • A monitoring feature that alerts you when your site is offline
  • A related post feature that notifies your site’s visitors of related posts
  • A content delivery network feature (CDN) that delivers static content to visitors based on their geographic locations
  • A publicize feature that broadcasts your posts to social networks
  • A stats feature on website visitors

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How To Improve WordPress Bounce Rates

One of the things we haven’t covered in some of our basic tips articles is bounce rate.  The bounce rate of your WordPress blog simply tells you the percentage of visitors leaving your site after viewing just a single page. Your bounce rate is one of the key metrics used to judge the performance of your blog.

You will get more subscribers, make more money, get more qualified prospective and also earn more ad revenue by ensuring your visitors explore your website for longer periods of time. Therefore, it is vital to learn how you can reduce your bounce rate and encourage visitors to stay on your blog.  Let’s dive in to some of the top ways you can help improve your bounce rates.

  1. Deliver Amazing Content:

This is a very crucial factor which has proven to be vital for the success of every WordPress site. Your content should be concise, informative, articulate and simple at the same time. Moreover, the presentation is presentation is just as important as the content. Highlight significant headlines, employ lists and avoid poorly spaced and long paragraphs with run-on sentences. This will keep the readers interested, improve the rating of your content and reduce the bounce rate from your blog.

  1. Broken Links:

You generate a lot of external and internal links as your WordPress site grows old. On the other hand, you might have revised its structure for better user experience and in the process it is natural to end up with broken links. These broken links can cause serious problems in terms of the structure of your site and the SEO scored which ultimately increase your bounce rate. Therefore, it is vital to analyze all the links in your site from time to time and fix the fix the ones that are broken or dead. Continue reading How To Improve WordPress Bounce Rates

5 Great WordPress Tips for Beginners

kbWordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) that people use to publish information, blog posts and articles. It is one of the most powerful and the easiest website and blogging content management system that exist today. Here are 5 Great WordPress Tips for Beginners:

1. Schedule blog posts for the future:

Most bloggers follow a publishing schedule, they either post once a month, once a week or once a day. Word press allows you to schedule posts at a particular date and time so you do not have to be at your computer when your post goes live. Here is how.

· In word press backend, go to edit screen for the post you want to schedule.

· Look for a box titled publish’ in the top right page where there is an option that reads publish immediately’

· Click the text edit’ next to publish immediately’ and choose the date, month and time you wish to your post to be published the click OK.

· The publish immediately’ text changes to schedule for’ with the date and time you have chosen.

2. Change your blog post and page URLs:

Word press creates URLs for your posts or pages but at times, you may need to adjust. Some of the common instances you will need to change URLs include:

1. If the URL of your post or page contains special characters such as *, @, & or %. These characters makes it difficult for search engines to read and can also prevent your page from loading

2. If your page or post title is too long and if it contains words that are not optimized for search. Search engines prefer short URLs and the high ranking keywords should appear at the beginning of the URL.

If the URL of your post does not comply with the above requirements, then there is a need to change it. Here is how to do it in word press.

· Go to the edit screen for the page or post you want to edit in the Word press backend.

· Below the title, click the edit’ button next to permalink. If instead of the edit’ button you see a button saying change permalink’, click it then click post name’ radio button on permalink settings’ page. Finally click the save changes button’ and go back to the page you want to edit and you will see the edit’ button.

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Five Examples of Great Premium WordPress Templates in Action


Logo WordPress for webmasters and web sites
Logo WordPress for webmasters and web sites

We’ve talked about how to improve bounce rates, given you advice on free theme selection and provided you with some great ideas on plugins that you can get to make your WordPress blog easier to navigate.

What we haven’t done is give you some solid examples of websites using premium (paid) WordPress themes in live action so you can see how they function.

Below is a list of 5 paid themes in action, all of which look great on display.

Divi by Elegant Themes:

Divi is manufactured by the WordPress template designer “Elegant Themes.”  They do a great job with the development of all of their templates and seemed to have shifted alot of their focus to Divi which appears to be one of their best sellers.  There are a lot of people that currently use Divi, and you can see them in action here by checking out this examples page at elegant themes.


Eleven 40 Pro by Genesis: uses the Eleven40 theme for their site and it looks great.  This is another top selling theme that’s been around for a few years and the simplistic style will probably keep it functioning strong for quite some time.  Studiopress has long been known for premium themes that perform well and stand the test of time. Continue reading Five Examples of Great Premium WordPress Templates in Action

Ten of our Favorite Free WordPress Themes


Do you have an idea for a business and want to set up a site online? If you want the very best results for your efforts, you should definitely go for WordPress as your CMS platform. WordPress has become so popular and trustworthy, that all the themes and plug-ins built exclusively for this platform have gained a lot of exposure as well. With WordPress you can upload content anytime, anyhow even if you do not have any idea about HTML and CSS coding.

But what type of theme should you go for? WordPress themes are very versatile in the sense that they can be used to blog, or to showcase portfolio. They can be also modified to be presented as a professional corporate site. There are plenty of options out that there that can meet your needs, but this list below will present the Top 10 Free WordPress Themes:

– Sparkling:


This is very effective as a blogging platform. If you want to upload content almost daily about your recent accomplishments and events, this is the theme you should go for. The page starts off with a full-screen slider that could make an effective presentation of your work. The layout is fluid, and it realigns itself in a mobile screen to still look dynamic and versatile. You can install some powerful plugins like W3Total cache which improves page loading speed and optimizes user experience. Go for Gravity Forms which allows you to quickly connect with different third party services like Paypal, Stripe and others. Also, you can use other plugins like Contact Form 7 and SEO by Yoast which will help you to write better content and achieve an edge in search engine marketing.

– Esteem:


This is a really good layout for any business venture. Not only do you get a Home page that includes a header image where you can put emphasis on your content via pictures, but you can also use the blogging page where you can talk about any upcoming events or product. You can change the layout to either ‘wide’ or ‘boxed’, thus changing the appearance accordingly. There are 2 custom templates installed- one for your contact page and the other for your products. You can change the colours of the layout, insert a custom logo and title. This theme even supports custom CSS and custom background features! You can use the Contact Form 7 and other 5 custom widgets with this WordPress theme.



Fluid in its design and very simple in terms of appearance, this theme can be used for corporate and business affairs, or for portfolios, travel and even blogging. It is responsive, which means that its layout is dynamic and will adapt its look according to the screen it is viewed in. Also, this theme supports many post formats, which makes it compatible with quotes, images, links, videos and even small info bits called ‘asides’. You can customize the header image, the background and even the title and logo. Continue reading Ten of our Favorite Free WordPress Themes

How to Start a WordPress Design Business


Many people just starting out wonder if they have what it takes to start a business around WordPress as a Web Designer. There are many people who will like to design websites casually every now and then for different reasons. There are those who will like to design websites for them to use in running their online business while others will start them as their personal blogs for them to share different experiences online.

Due to many features that WordPress supports, many people have preferred it over other types of content management systems. This makes it even better for you in case you have enough knowledge on How to Start a WordPress Design Business. Here are tips for you to be successful in running WordPress design business:

  1. Set up an account for your web design business:

While running your business there are many transactions which you will be required to carry out. You should always keep record of the transactions so that you will know how your business is progressing. Remember there will be clients who will be paying you for the web design services and there are experts in the web design field whom you will pay for certain plugins which you will use in the design exercise, it will be easier for you to use software such as Freshbooks which will enable you prepare record of all the transactions.

  1. Choose the best Framework:

There are several theme frameworks available which you can use design different types of websites. In case you will like to design a website which will be used to run an online business, then you need to go for specific themes that will be the best for such types of websites. If you receive a client who will like you to design for him or her a personal blog, then you should go for a theme that will be suitable for such purposes and make sure that it’s a theme designed to help improve bounce rates. This is necessary because in WordPress there are many themes available which will be suitable for different types of websites. Continue reading How to Start a WordPress Design Business