5 Great WordPress Tips for Beginners

kbWordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) that people use to publish information, blog posts and articles. It is one of the most powerful and the easiest website and blogging content management system that exist today. Here are 5 Great WordPress Tips for Beginners:

1. Schedule blog posts for the future:

Most bloggers follow a publishing schedule, they either post once a month, once a week or once a day. Word press allows you to schedule posts at a particular date and time so you do not have to be at your computer when your post goes live. Here is how.

· In word press backend, go to edit screen for the post you want to schedule.

· Look for a box titled publish’ in the top right page where there is an option that reads publish immediately’

· Click the text edit’ next to publish immediately’ and choose the date, month and time you wish to your post to be published the click OK.

· The publish immediately’ text changes to schedule for’ with the date and time you have chosen.

2. Change your blog post and page URLs:

Word press creates URLs for your posts or pages but at times, you may need to adjust. Some of the common instances you will need to change URLs include:

1. If the URL of your post or page contains special characters such as *, @, & or %. These characters makes it difficult for search engines to read and can also prevent your page from loading

2. If your page or post title is too long and if it contains words that are not optimized for search. Search engines prefer short URLs and the high ranking keywords should appear at the beginning of the URL.

If the URL of your post does not comply with the above requirements, then there is a need to change it. Here is how to do it in word press.

· Go to the edit screen for the page or post you want to edit in the Word press backend.

· Below the title, click the edit’ button next to permalink. If instead of the edit’ button you see a button saying change permalink’, click it then click post name’ radio button on permalink settings’ page. Finally click the save changes button’ and go back to the page you want to edit and you will see the edit’ button.

· On clicking the edit’ button, a text box will appear where you can alter the URL. Remove the special characters as well as any other words that may hurt your search engine ranking, click OK then update’ or publish’ to save the changes.

3. Word Press Editor Tips:

If you write content or manage a blog, you will definitely need to use word press editor, however, most people have not realized the full potential of this amazing tool. The following word press editor tips will help eliminate misspellings and other website styling issues as well as speed up your workflow.

· Spellchecker

To spell check your content before publishing or while you work, click the button with the letters ABC’ at the top. If you are not using English, select your language in the drop down menu next to ABC’

· Remove formatting in copied text

Word press has a button specifically designed to remove formatting from outside sources. Here are the steps to follow:

· The show or hide kitchen sink’ button has picture boxes with different colored rectangles and squares. Click on it to show a second row of buttons.

· Highlight the text you want to change the format

· Click remove formatting’ button and save the changes

· Shift and return creates a line break

If you would like to create a single line break in which the lines are close to each other, just hold the shift key and press the return key.

· Word press keyboard shortcuts

Word press also has shortcuts and they can help save a lot of time. They include:

· Heading 1: Control + 1

· Heading 2: Control + 2

· Heading 3: Control + 3

· Heading 4: Control + 4

· Underline: Control + U

· Italic: Control + I

· Bold: Control + B

For more word press shortcuts, click the help’ button then click the Hotkeys’ tab

4. Easily Embed Videos, Tweets and Other Media:

Word press can also easily embed content from other websites such as Flickr, twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and many others. Here is how to do it.

· Place the cursor where you want to insert the image, video or any other type of media

· Go to the media source and copy the URL and paste it into the main content area of the page without aligning it. The editor shows the URL but when you view the post, the media is embedded.

· Now you can publish or update your website to make the media live.

5. Change the blog post authors easily:

If you have different writers in your site but you are the one who publishes, your username will always appear as the author of every post. You can follow the following steps to change the author of your word press post.

· Go to the edit screen of the post you want to change the author

· Click screen options’ tab on the top right of the page and a list of options will drop down

· Check the box written author and a list should display the titled authors, choose the author of the post and save the changes by clicking update’.

· If the author is not listed, then you will need to add her as a user first.

The above 5 tips will help a word press beginner understand how word press works faster as well as make working with word press easy.

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