How to Start a WordPress Design Business


Many people just starting out wonder if they have what it takes to start a business around WordPress as a Web Designer. There are many people who will like to design websites casually every now and then for different reasons. There are those who will like to design websites for them to use in running their online business while others will start them as their personal blogs for them to share different experiences online.

Due to many features that WordPress supports, many people have preferred it over other types of content management systems. This makes it even better for you in case you have enough knowledge on How to Start a WordPress Design Business. Here are tips for you to be successful in running WordPress design business:

  1. Set up an account for your web design business:

While running your business there are many transactions which you will be required to carry out. You should always keep record of the transactions so that you will know how your business is progressing. Remember there will be clients who will be paying you for the web design services and there are experts in the web design field whom you will pay for certain plugins which you will use in the design exercise, it will be easier for you to use software such as Freshbooks which will enable you prepare record of all the transactions.

  1. Choose the best Framework:

There are several theme frameworks available which you can use design different types of websites. In case you will like to design a website which will be used to run an online business, then you need to go for specific themes that will be the best for such types of websites. If you receive a client who will like you to design for him or her a personal blog, then you should go for a theme that will be suitable for such purposes and make sure that it’s a theme designed to help improve bounce rates. This is necessary because in WordPress there are many themes available which will be suitable for different types of websites. Continue reading How to Start a WordPress Design Business