Five Examples of Great Premium WordPress Templates in Action


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Logo WordPress for webmasters and web sites

We’ve talked about how to improve bounce rates, given you advice on free theme selection and provided you with some great ideas on plugins that you can get to make your WordPress blog easier to navigate.

What we haven’t done is give you some solid examples of websites using premium (paid) WordPress themes in live action so you can see how they function.

Below is a list of 5 paid themes in action, all of which look great on display.

Divi by Elegant Themes:

Divi is manufactured by the WordPress template designer “Elegant Themes.”  They do a great job with the development of all of their templates and seemed to have shifted alot of their focus to Divi which appears to be one of their best sellers.  There are a lot of people that currently use Divi, and you can see them in action here by checking out this examples page at elegant themes.


Eleven 40 Pro by Genesis: uses the Eleven40 theme for their site and it looks great.  This is another top selling theme that’s been around for a few years and the simplistic style will probably keep it functioning strong for quite some time.  Studiopress has long been known for premium themes that perform well and stand the test of time.

Sahifa by Tielabs:

A Great theme by an independent developer, you can see a live example of Sahifa at  This developer has sold over 13,000 copies of this to date and is lucky enough to be one of the top selling themes on


X by THEMECO has caught WordPress developers off guard.  It’s breaking the weekly top seller record on ThemeForest consistently and has sold almost 60,000 copies at the time we are writing this article.  There’s a ton of great examples of sites using X when you go here at this link.


Wrap Up:

Overall the WordPress theme market is still alive and well these days and it’s often times very hard to navigate.

Hopefully our feedback here gives you some insight into which models will work the best for you no matter what the circumstance is.

Each of these themes has distinct functions, and several of them can be used under just about any condition.

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